Sunday, January 16, 2011

New England Minute

I thought I would do a weekly post on New England. Websites, shops, restaurants, food (maybe recipes) & lots more. There is a new magazine out called Northeast Flavor.

They have featured restaurants, Destination towns, local chefs, recipes & more great pages.


Claire said...

That's sounds great-haven't seen this mag yet but being from Ct. I'm all for it-thanks!!

Anonymous said...

that is the most perfect looking cupcake I've ever seen!

Stephanie the PW said...

Ooh! fantastic magazine! I'm moving to the Albany NY area this summer, and can't wait to scope out all of the great restaurants in New England!

Stopping by from SITS - have a fabulous day!

Making It Work Mom said...

Hmmm Haven't seen that one yet and I'm from MA. I will have to check it out! Can't wait for your weekly posts.