Tuesday, January 4, 2011

52 tips for a better you

The Doctors tv show

It's a new year! Get 52 tips to better your health in 2011!
1. Try something new.
2. Make a New Year’s resolution.
3. Lift weights.
4. Have protein before a workout. You can drink a protein shake or drink a glass of milk.
5. Get out of your cardio rut.
6. Peel and eat an orange before a meal. It will force you to slow down, and it will fill
you up.
7. Carry cash, because studies found that people who pay for meals with cash make
healthier choices than those who pay with a credit card.
8. Eat at least one meal per week in complete silence by turning off the radio, TV and cell
phones while you eat.
9. Brush your teeth after eating.
10. Eat in front of a mirror. Studies have found that doing so cuts the amount you eat.
Looking at yourself while you eat may help remind you of your weight-loss goals.
11. Carry cinnamon sticks to help stop smoking. They are about the same size as a
cigarette and they offer a spicy sensation that’s pleasant in your mouth.
12. Carry honey straws to help stop smoking. They can serve as a replacement to
handling cigarettes, energize you and can even help soothe a lingering cough.
13. Drink ice-cold water through a straw to help stop smoking. It will stimulate brain
activity like a cigarette but without the toxins.
14. Fight acne with a nutmeg paste.
15. Soothe stomachaches with nutmeg.
16. Ease toothaches with nutmeg oil.
17. Drink pickle juice for sore muscles and cramps.
18. Remove nail stains with whitening toothpaste.
19. Treat blisters with antiseptic mouthwash.
20. Treat urinary tract infections by drinking a glass of ½ tsp. of baking soda and 8 oz.
21. Drink beet juice to help beat dementia.
22. Fight aging by eating Chia seeds.
23. Teach your partner where you like to be touched by showing him or her.
24. Get radiant skin with a champagne scrub.
25. Scrub feet with strawberries.
26. Remove age spots with sake.
27. Give yourself a grape manicure.
28. Eat cheese to prevent wine-stained smiles.
29. Use apples to combat aging.
30. Moisturize before you shower to give your skin extra protection. The steam of the
shower will open up your pores for deeper moisturizing.
31. Hydrate from the inside out.
32. Eat foods that contain probiotics to break down allergens.
33. Use a nasal rinse to flush allergens and mucus.
34. Reduce dust mites.
35. Perform a summer skin check.
36. Avoid caffeine before a bikini wax.
37. Fight colds with eucalyptus oil.
38. Turn off the TV and engage in thought-provoking conversation to help spice up your
sex life.
39. Start surfing to relieve stress
40. Eat immunity-boosting foods like garlic, mushrooms and pistachios.
41. Treat childhood constipation with the four Ps: prunes, pears, plums and peaches.
42. Treat cradle cap with olive oil, then gently remove the crust with a soft toothbrush.
43. To ease earaches, apply a warm washcloth to the ear or put a few drops of warm olive
or garlic oil into your child’s ear. Test the temperature of the oil beforehand, to make sure
it isn’t too hot. Consult with your doctor if your child experiences an earache, and don’t
put anything in the ear if it is draining fluid or pus.
44. Feel confident in your skin and kick the sheets off to turn your partner on.
45. Do yoga to improve heart health, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and
decrease stress.
46. Take your vitamin D.
47. Eat vegetables high in carotene, such a butternut squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin,
kale and spinach, to decrease your risk of breast cancer. Try to eat them raw or lightly
steamed so they retain their health benefits.
48. Ditch white carbohydrates such as sugar, bread, pasta and rice and eat whole grains
and beans instead.
49. Limit your alcohol consumption to keep your risk of breast cancer down.
50. Maintain a healthy weight to reduce your risk of breast cancer.
51. Get your annual mammogram.
52. Halt the Salt in your diet.

I saw this on The Doctors tv show . You can find a video explaining these more on the website. I thought some were really good tips.


Kate said...

I was sick all last week and everyday I ate an orange. Some days I peeled them while others I cut right in half and ate like a grapefruit. That one made me smile. Thanks for sharing this list :)


Laura Lynn said...

Hey, how are you? Just thought I'd check in. These are all good tips!
I'm getting into shape to take on the Warrior Dash - can't wait!

blueviolet said...

I don't smoke but that cinnamon stick thing is really interesting.