Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our new kitchen

This is our kitchen before my hubby cut windows (a pass through). He is hoping to stain the shelves & maybe put them above the cut out windows. Not sure if we will like them. We have no where to put those cafe pics if anyone local wants them, we will probably be giving them away real soon.

Below is the kitchen looking out to the dining room & living room

This is looking in through the living room/dining room to the kitchen

I'm so glad that my hubs can do things like this & we don't have to hire someone to do it.


sprinkles said...

He did a great job! I was thinking he was taking the whole wall out for some reason.

Nichole said...

I LOVE it... it really opens things up!

Wendy said...

It looks great! I love how it opened the rooms up:)