Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lots to catch up on

I'm signed up for tons of blog updates, coupons, deals etc.. I saw this the other day for a free collage print from Walgreens. So I did it quick before it ended (I saw it the same day it ended). I think it came out cute. I have it up on the fridge.

I had my eyebrows shaped for the 1st time on Sunday. This 1st pic is a before pic.

Eek. This is after. Not sure if you can tell how thin they are now from the pic. Anyone know how long it takes eyebrows to grow back in? haha.

I got this cool Planning book today @ my Hubby's work. They had a book fair. I took Tara in for lunch today. I'll add a few pics for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow. I never knew that Anthony had so many pics of T around his cubicle. He has about 25 pics of her all over. He was so happy to have her in work today & so proud to show her off.

I'm behind in everything. I will be leaving comments to everyone that left some within the next few days. We're all fighting colds here.


Nichole said...

I love the collage print - very cool!

Carrie said...

I LOVE the collage! Looks great! What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing!