Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'll take 1 of each

When I was in Sephora recently I discovered this new scent from Philosophy, Flirty girl. It reminded me a bit of watermelon & berries. About 5 years ago my Mom signed me up for an automatic mailing of some Philosophy shower gels from QVC. I'd get 2 month for a year. I still have at least 10 shower gels left. I've been using them as shave gel for my legs instead of buying shave gel. I've never met a Philosophy shower gel that I didn't like & want.


forty-something chick said...

OK, and that color pink matches your blog perfectly! I say, buy a few bottles!

sprinkles said...

I am in love with Sephora!

deb famularo said...

OMG, I HAVE to get me some of that, I haven't seen that one! I love Philosophy!!

And ummmm, ya might wanna peek at my blog girlie!!!! hehehe