Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our old house

On our anniversary we went to our old town. Only because it was the closest town that had a Sonic. I know Sonic for our anni, but we had never been there before & thought it might be kind of fun. We also wanted to save a bit of $ & it ended up not being cheap. So we were right near the lake that we lived a few blocks from. I thought it would be cool to take a few pics of us on the bridge. Also to go by the old house. Well hubs would not go by the house in case the old neighbors were out. He didn't want them to see us. I really wanted to show T the house she was born in. She only lived there for 4 months. So T & I walked over. None of the neighbors were out. It looks a little run down & not as neat & taken care of as when we lived there. I love our new house, but still have so many memories here. I want to go back again when Tara is a little older & when she can really understand that this is the house that she was born in.

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blueviolet said...

I've done that too and it's bittersweet, for sure. It's nice that you live near enough to do that.