Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day

I'm very lucky to have the Dad that I have. He's always been there for me for whatever I needed. Growing up I loved Rock music (still do), but he brought me to my 1st concert @ 12 years old & even helped me meet the band (Def Leppard). That started my groupie years. He brought me & my friends to at least 20 concerts. He'd always drop everything to come help me with Tara & Anthony with yard work or whatever we need. Now Tara has the best Bampy (as she calls him) eva. He always teases her & plays with her. He brings her out to Dollar Bills (& always buys her something) & brings her to their special place, McDonalds. Love you so much Dad.

Happy Dad's day, Daddy. Love, Tara

Don't really have many pics of you guys together.

Tara made this for Anthony the other day with our Mom group.


Mama Hen said...

Beautiful! Have a great day today! :)

Mama Hen

Lindsay said...

ok for some reason I wasn't following you blog which makes no sense... I think a few weeks ago when I went on a deleting spree it was accidently unfollowed along with 10 other blogs I didnt mean to unfollow :( I was wondering why I hadnt seen you update LOL!!

anyway I love this post!!! and also I just wrote you back and put your letter in the mailbox :)

wally's girl said...

Kimberly, the pics are terrific! I wish I had sent an email to you to wish you dad a H.F.D. (I consider him sorta my dad too :) ). The pic with "A" and "T", are those sunglasses he's wearing yours? Just wondering bec I don't think I've ever seen him wear a pair before.