Saturday, January 2, 2010


(hubby took a pic of me dying on the couch yesterday)
Hey all. I've been sick since New year's eve morning. I am feeling a bit better. So I'm hoping to leave a ton of comments soon & add some new posts.


Vickie said...

Oh boy! Lots of people have been sick. Even our house had a couple of germs passing around. I am next in line...gettin' a little nervous.

Hope you feel better soon.

Happy New Year!!

Amy said...

feel better soon

sprinkles said...

A little too much partying on NYE, huh? LOL

Hope you feel better soon, it's no fun to be sick. Plus, what a terrible way to bring in the new year!

Feeling Fit With Dana said...

so sorry that you haven't been feeling good. I'm glad that it is getting better. LOTS of rest and fluids. Take it easy, you have my permission :)

Jen @ ourfinehouse said...

Love the socks. I hope you're feeling better.