Friday, January 15, 2010

Lemon poppy seed muffins

I made some muffins today. They were really good, from Betty Crocker. I put our initials on them. M for Mama, D for Dadda, G from Grampy & N for Nana. My Dad was coming today, so I was rushing to get the initials on them & the icing was not hardened yet. So they started dripping. They were really good. I'll be making them again. I love to bake muffins or breads on Fridays.


sprinkles said...

They look good! I thought the ones with D on it were for me! LOL

I like how the icining is different colors. How come you didn't do one for Tara?

blueviolet said...

Even though they dripped, they still look good! :)

Mommy Taylor said...

They still look yummy. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.