Saturday, April 15, 2017

What is your Favorite thing about Spring?

Photo from Pinterest. Project Inspired.

It's finally starting to feel like Spring here, at least for this weekend. Some of my fave things about Spring are:

*Flowers blooming & trees budding. Over the long Winter I really miss seeing flowers & leaves on the trees. It makes me sad when the leaves change colors.

*Butterflies, dragonflies & other fun bugs. We have light bugs once in a while (fireflies). We saw some in Vermont last year, but not here in New Hampshire.

*Frogs, especially the 1s that you hear at night in May. It makes me really happy.

*Birds eating out of our feeder. It keeps the cats entertained & I really like seeing all the different types of birds that we get in our yard. I've been seeing Cardinals lately & hearing a woodpecker.

*Getting out in nature with my family. We have a great rail trail in town & also a park with a walkway for people to walk around. I want to take our bikes out this year. We didn't at all last year.

*Longer days & the Sun going down later.

*Sitting on our deck.

*Getting our Garden started. I think we are going to plant mint & butterfly bushes this year. Besides the usual stuff.

*Planning our Summer vacation.

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