Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stuff & Things

~Since we are getting more snow tomorrow & Saturday, I have been planning some Summer vacations. We'll be going to Cape Cod for a night or 2. We have to decide. We'll also be going to Vermont for the hot air balloon festival again if the weather is nice. I'm also so sick of March that I already changed the calendar to April. Tara noticed today & said "it's not April yet". I said "it's close enough".

~I'm really into essential oils & got a diffuser 2 years ago for Christmas. I found this oil at Walmart the other day. It smells soooo good. I'm thinking of getting another diffuser for the kitchen, mostly for when Tara does her homework. To help her focus.

~Things aren't getting that much better between the cats. They have slept on the same bed together & sniffed noses, but still having bad fights. I'm kind of thinking it wasn't such a great idea getting a 2nd cat. Not that I don't love Bianca, but because she is making Kizzy upset & she seems depressed.

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