Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It was really cold walking dogs today. I was happy to see that 3 or 4 dogs had "I've been adopted' signs on their cages & 1 pending, Leiany. Mona, a sweet pitbull, that I have walked quite a bit wasn't there & I found out that she was adopted. This girl below was adopted last Summer & now she is back to the animal shelter & is chubby. She has 2 different color eyes. I think her name was Lolo. For some reason I am having trouble remembering who I walked & saw. I guess walking through I saw 50 different cats & dogs.

I went to see the cats today. This cat was so adorable. She is 13. She was laying on her mouse. She was very friendly.

So we only had snow once, the day before Thanksgiving. Some flurries, but nothing that stuck to the ground. We've been lucky & have had lots of days around 50 degrees. Today was like 23 out. I saw this frozen dandelion. Thought that was kind of cool to see in December. I saw 2 more together. Tara said that I should have picked them, but then they wouldn't be there.

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