Monday, December 8, 2014

7 Years today that we have lived in New Hampshire

Time really does go fast. We moved from Massachusetts to NH, 7 years ago today. Tara was 4 months old. I was just telling her how the day we moved in, they were having the town tree lighting. Anthony told me that he had driven by it & saw the fire pit going & how he thought it seemed like a great community to live in. We usually go every year. Also the day that we moved in, I thought JoJo had gotten out from the doors being open. I was really upset & outside calling her, but we ended up finding her in Tara's room under her crib. I'm in MA a lot still, I volunteer at the animal shelter & go to the dentist there. My parents still ive there & Anthony works there. We are only about 10 minutes from MA.

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