Sunday, December 14, 2014

Things I'm Loving Lately (Warm & Cozy)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate cold weather & I am always cold. So I'm all about warm & cozy. I've been buying more scarves & gloves. I got 2 new pairs of fingerless gloves & a regular pair of gloves. They are so cute. I decided to get rid of a few pairs that I had that were old & worn out.

I also really love eternity scarves. I never really got how to wear a regular scarf & they just end up annoying me. I think they look cool on other people. I might somehow pin all my regular scarves to make them look like eternity scarves & not hang. These are my 2 new scarves. I got the 1 on the left at American Eagle & the 1 on the right at Walmart. I wear them all day & even around the house. I wear the fingerless gloves around the house too.

I also love having candles lit once it starts getting darker earlier. I got this on Friday with a coupon. Bath & Body works was selling them for $8 & I had a coupon. I love the new jars with the cute pictures on them. I'm hoping to go back & get a few more candles before the season is over.

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sprinkles said...

I LOVE Bath & Body Works!!!