Friday, July 25, 2014

Nail files. Week # 133

This week is Zoya~Zara. I added a few coats, since I've had it on all week. A few of them got a little bit smudged. It's a pretty purple with a bit of gold through it. I just took the polish off & am doing my nails with a new polish I got this week.

Click below to join in.

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg


sprinkles said...

Love that color! I put on a pretty pink last weekend that started flaking off by the next day. Such a bummer. I need to redo it, but I'm too lazy.

Beth W said...

Yay! I like Zara as well, but yeah, all of my Zoya start chipping within 3-4 days, even when I use their color-lock system. :/

At least with the Pixiedust ones it's less noticeable, because of all the glitter.

Dee M said...

That's such a pretty color! My girls would probably love that shade. Thanks for sharing! :)

aka Bailey said...

Lovely shade! I always forget about purple... I should wear it more often :)

jennie said...

Oh YES! This is an awesome purple! LOVE!