Sunday, August 11, 2013

Surprise packages rock

A few weeks ago my pen pal that lives in MO told me she had mailed me 2 envelopes. She had sent me some stuff & hoped that I could use it. So when I opened the packages I was so happy. 1 had a bunch of mineral eye shadows. A bunch of different colors by Mica beauty. I've never used that brand before. The loose powders are so messy, but they are pretty colors. 2 Kat Von D loose powders too.

 Then 3 Kat Von D lipglosses. We had a catastrophe, after I took a photo of these lip glosses Tara took them & lost them. 2 days later (today), she found them. Yay. She got mad at me a week ago & hid my Opi Nail envy ($13) in the kleenex box in the bathroom. I was so mad. If she didn't tell me where she put it, I would have to go out & buy another 1 (that took a few days of me asking her if she took it, where was it etc.. too). So she was punished & I'm trying to teach her to not take/hide my things.

 I love make-up & I have some really awesome pen pals.

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sprinkles said...

I haven't gotten anything good in the mail in awhile. Well, I did recently get a great package, but it was for my dogs and not me.

Pretty colors!