Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 years together

I met my hubby 10 years ago today. We met in person for the 1st time (we met on & e mailed & talked for a few months) & had our 1st date. We met at a Mexican restaurant. I remember standing in the doorway waiting for him to come in & being so nervous. He was a few minutes late & came in with some really pretty flowers (he was late because he had stopped for the flowers). I had mentioned that I loved Sunflowers, so he had gotten me mini sunflowers & some other flowers too.

These are the flowers that he got me.

I remember thinking during the date, that I really liked him & that I was going to take my profile off from Match when I got home. We moved in together a year after we met, got engaged 2 years after we met, got married 3 years after & had the Drama Queen 4 years after we met. We've been through a lot over the years.

This is pic is from Oct of 2003. Our 1st vacation together to Providence.

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