Sunday, August 25, 2013

Surgery update

The photo above was the day after my surgery on the way to the post-op appointment.
So I had my eye surgery on Wednesday. All I will say about the actual surgery is that it was torture. Like when you watch a spi movie or Mafia movie & they torture the enemy to get them truth out of them. I've been resting a lot. Catching up on General Hospital (even though I still can't see great). Things are still hazy/blurry. My eyes are scratchy. I have to use eye drops every 4 hrs & dry eye vitamins 4 a day. I've been napping a lot. I've also been going to the eye doc every other day. I'll be going back on Tuesday. They put contacts in that aren't prescription with medicine on them. They are kind of like bandaids. They are suppose to be taking them out on Tues. I'm hoping that it won't hurt. I kind of don't want my eyes touched just yet. No one really paid much attention to me in our house. No, "how are you doing?" "do you need help with that?" Our neighbors were on vacation all last week, so Tara's been over her bff's house. They brought her to the beach a few times, she went in their pool, they brought her to the park. They've been a huge help. Anthony was working on the house. The wall above our deck is rotted, so he took down the wood & replaced it & primed it. He'll paint it next weekend. The only 1 who paid attention to me was JoJo. She was next to me a lot on the couch. She was my little nurse, almost like she knew something was wrong/different. It's still going to be a long road. The doc said it could take 2 months before I can see clearly. Just trying to take it day by day.

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Camille said...

That sounds rough! I hope you recover quickly!!