Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer to-do list

1. Canobie Lake Park
2. Salem, MA (Salem Willows)
3. Make Root Beer floats
4. Smores on the firepit
5. Canoe
6. Portsmouth
7. Boston
8. Picnic in the park
9. Hampton beach (2x)
10. mini golf
11. Gelato
12. Salisbury beach
13. Rail trail
14. Have drinks on a deck
15. Frisbie in the park
16. Flea market
17. Yard sales
18. Have a Lemonade stand
19. Drive-in movie


Sarah D. said...

Ah, we must live in the same realm. I am in Massachusetts and vacation in I am loving your to-do list!!

Sarah D. said...

Aw wow, we must live in the same area-ish! I am in massachusetts and vacation in I am loving this to-do list! cheer to summa :-)

Karine Traverse said...

Boston is a must do this summer :) I love just random walks around Boston when the weather is warm