Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother/daughter mani/pedi party

Today we went to a mother/daughter mani/pedi party at 1 of our Mom friend's houses. It was a beautiful day out & we sat out on her deck. A Mary Kay rep had us soak our feet in warm water with foot fizzies & then we put an exfoliator scrub on & a foot cream. Tara didn't want to have her nails done. Then we got to use some hand scrubs & lotions.

My toes painted with Mary Kay, Lava.

T was in a grumpy mood today & finally let me paint her finger nails as we were leaving the party. She picked a gold color. It's really pretty, but kind of blends in with your skin.

We had some yummy food too (the salad was awesome with lettuce & strawberries & a sweet homemade dressing with sesame seeds in it. I need to get this recipe)

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