Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wherever I go

No matter where I go, I always see someone that I know. Even when I'm in nearby towns. We live in a small town & I am in the local Mom's club. The people that I've ran into lately aren't in the Mom club & don't live in our town. Crazy. I saw a lady that I took a Stampin up class from 2 years ago (I seem to run in to her a lot. At least twice a year), yesterday I was in Walmart & was in the bathroom & came out of the stall & my newish hair dresser was in the bathroom. Later yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby & I saw a Lia Sophia rep that I met at a craft fair & I'm signed up for her e mails. I pretty much know that I am going to run into someone that I know when I go out. Even when Tara goes out without me, with my Dad or my hubs, I always ask her if she saw anyone that she knows & lots of times she does.

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