Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mama & daughter day

I was going a little stir crazy today. Yesterday we had a playdate at our house, but we didn't go anywhere. So I had to get out today. We went to Target. Then lunch at a pizza place (below).
Got new chair at Walmart. Anthony saw it the other day. They had pink or purple, so I went with T today for her to pick which chair she wanted. She picked the pink.

We got an Entertaintment book called Breathe NH. We got a discount because a bunch of Mom's in our Mom group ordered them. So we went to the girl's house to pick up the book.
Geez, I have a big head. haha.
Scrapbooking club at our house tonight. 1 more day of school Vacay. yay. I think I can make it through this. 1 more month & she's out of school for Summer vacay. They get out the end of May.

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Tonya said...

Love the pink chair!