Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun "me" day

Today my Dad picked up T & brought her to his house to sleep over. I went shopping & got some new things. So much fun. I'm wearing the nail stickers & nail polish tomorrow.

I went & had a blonde extension put in. I had been thinking about it for a while & it was a last minute thing.

I stopped at Honeydew donuts & got a cinnamon hot chocolate.

My camera that I ordered came in today (I dropped the other 1, my famous pink camera, 1 too many times & you can't view the photos anymore. So now I have a boring black 1).

So I was going to clean the house & read blogs etc.. & of course hubs got home at 4pm tonight. Err. Hopefully I can get some things done around the house this week, when T goes back to school.

1 comment:

saturated canary said...

love that extension!! your hair is just so pretty!! i love long hair!

have a fabby 20.12!!