Thursday, December 8, 2011

4 years

4 years ago today, we moved to New Hampshire from Massachusetts. I lived in MA for 37 years, so it was a big change moving to NH. The people are so much mellower here & I am now too. I still have my Boston girl side if someone gets me angry, especially when driving.

Things I like about NH:

Calmer drivers (unless they are from MA)

Bigger yards

Bigger houses

Less traffic

Things I don't like about NH:

The power goes out everytime we get a storm & it stays out for almost a week

They don't plow good

Black flies

Mosquitos out during the day

It takes forever to get anywhere

You can't walk to things (I miss walking to the store & stuff)

1 comment:

saturated canary said...

your house is beautiful!!! love the tiny xmas lights!! ...
and i'm a capricorn, my friend!:). my hubby is a cancer...and we get along fantastic!! so, me and you would probably hit it off great!...hey, maybe someday:) we live on the same coast! :P.