Friday, November 26, 2010

This & that

Thanksgiving wasn't too bad. I had a bad sinus headache & allergy probs all day. Ugh. Didn't eat too much.

The best pic that I got yesterday (below)

Today we ended up at a bunch of stores. We didn't plan on it. We went to Sleepy's to get T a mattress, then ran in Target. Anthony realized yesterday that his tire on his truck was low. He checked today & there was a nail in it. So we were home for about an hr & 1/2 after we went to Target & then we dropped his car off at the tire place to get fixed. We went to a consignment shop & got T a cute red dress for X-mas. We thought we'd stop in Walmart (got a bunch of things) & then ran to Big Lots. We saw a really nice Garland with white lights that goes around your front door & 2 little trees for the front steps (a set) in the Big lots flyer. We figured we would get that done today. Tomorrow is a craft fair & parade & then out for dinner. So no more stores this weekend.

I'm working on a few fun things for my blog.

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KatieMay said...

The decorations sound nice. I love big lots :) Have a great weekend!