Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why am I so clumsy/Been 1 of those days

Well last night I was putting a glass in the dishwasher & smashed it. We now have 1 left. We had a set of tall glasses, short glasses & 2 diff sets of wine glasses that all matched. The tall glasses were very thin. I was thinking that I wanted to get a new set (since we had 2 left & now only 1). Then today I woke up at 4am with a headache & a neckache. So I got on the computer (of course). At least I got to sign in to SITS early. Still have the headache. I'm trying to get ready for tonight. I went to move T's little table over near the tv (not too close) & the leg of the table smashed 1 of our wall sconces into pieces (part of a set). So there is glass all over. I got it all up (I think so anyway. I vacuumed). So I turn around & T has dark purple lips, teeth & her tongue too. She ate 1 of her crayons. So she got a time out & now she's eating lunch late cause I had to clean up the glass 1st. I'm trying to straighten my hair at the same time as all of this is going on. Boy, do I need a drink. Hopefully my headache will be gone before we go for dinner. New years goals post coming in a little while. When I get things under control here. haha.

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sprinkles said...

Well, at least it's the last day of the year instead of the first day. You may be ending it on a bad note but it's better than bringing in a new year on a bad one.

Happy New Year!