Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas eve

We made a red velvet cake today. It has yummy buttercream frosting. Got a lot done today. Already did my nails (Sephora OPI, Absinthe makes the heart. It's a teal with glitter), wrapped some pressies. Still have to vacuum & dust, shower & give T a bath. We're skipping her nap today hoping she'll fall asleep early tonight, so we can do all the presents under the tree without her waking up. I might just lay on the couch with her in a little while, so she can at least rest.

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sprinkles said...

Mmm...I LOVE red velvet cake! Sadly, I hardly ever get any. Make sure you have an extra piece for me!

In a little while I'm gonna make some fudge for tomorrow. I found a package at WalMart where alls you have to add is butter. You combine the ingredients together, cook them up and stick it in the fridge. Super easy (I made some already for another friend since I didn't have any $ for gifts) and very quick. Plus it only takes a measuring spoon and a pot so it hardly dirties any dishes. What could be easier?

Your nail polish color sounds pretty.

Merry Christmas from me and the chi's to you and your family!