Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting itchy to do a swap

The past week I've been seeing a lot of people showing off their Santa swaps. I didn't do a Santa swap cause I knew I would be too stressed out to have to mail another package. So I'm really hoping to do a swap in January. Maybe a Valentine's 1. Let me know if any of you hear about 1. I did a Valentine swap last year & it was a lot of fun & I got some really cute things.


Anonymous said...

Haven't heard of any, but I would love to do one!!! Well, participate in one at organizational skills leave a lot to be desired, if I were to actually try and cfreate one ;)

Naomi de la Torre said...

Cool! I haven't heard of either. Sounds fun! I'm following you now from FFF on MBC! Great to meet you and your bloggy! Have a super week.

Karen said...

I haven't done a swap since the My Favorite Things Swap that introduced you and me!

I've been wanting to participate in another one, so if you have one, count me in!

sprinkles said...

You could always put one together! I did a dog swap earlier this year and it wasn't too difficult really. I'm gonna do another one next year.

I did a Valentine's and an Easter swap this year that were both fun. I wouldn't mind doing it again.

If you don't find another one and still want to do one and if I'm employed by then (a big IF since I can't even seem to get any interviews!), I wouldn't mind doing a swap with you! It's fun to get something in the mail and it's also fun to shop for gifts.