Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

We're just keeping it simple & going out to eat. We're going to Cracker barrel. I'm not big on all of the T'giving food. We're having Christmas at our house like we always do, so we figure this would be easier. It will just be us & my parents & A's parents. What are you plans & traditions?



jennykate77 said...

I LOVE ♥ Thanksgiving food! Our plans are always the same...they include having dinner at my granny's with ALL the trimmings and hanging out and watching football...oh, and a nap here or there ☺

Stephanie said...

We always go to my In-laws...BUT I would love to have it at my own house. As soon as we buy a larger house we will have ALL Holidays @ my house and everyone will be invited!

Chris said...

We are driving to Memphis to see my brother and his wife. (it's about a 13 hour drive from here) They just had a baby on the 25th of Oct. I can't wait to go meet my new niece.