Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reunion fun

So I finally went to my reunion. The 1 & only that I'll probably go to. It was nice seeing old friends. Most of them I remember from elementary school & Jr high.

Eve Laubner & me. I'm so glad that we're back in touch. She was 1

of my bestest friends in Jr high

Jennifer Lewandowski, Kathie Craig & me. Jennifer is still cute as

ever & Kathie is so pretty

Me & Stephanie McDonald from home room. Still so much fun & she

lives near us & has a son Tara's age. How cool.

Kathie, Me & Paula Carpenella (I wish Anthony told me that my eyes
were shut, so we could have taken another 1). Paula looks the same as always.


Jamie said...

Ha, how fun...isn't it fun to reconnect with old friends! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway...have a happy Sunday :-)

Chris said...

I have never been to a reunion. I have no desire to revisit High School. I am glad you had a good time though. Great pics!