Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hello August

I can't believe that it is August. I am sad that it is August & Summer will be over soon, but I am really excited for Back to School. 29 more days. We go back so late, but the kids don't get out until almost the end of June. I know some kids are going back this week or next, I wish. It should go fast.

Anyway, plans for August. Day trips & camping (I'm not a camper). That's about it.

I've been doing good at getting rid of clutter. I threw away 10 really old nail polishes yesterday. 2 were so old that when I went to pull the brush out it came right off the stick. I have more to go through. Plus clothes. I want to get rid of lots of clothes. That might have to wait until T goes back to school. So things are moving along. Anthony has off the week of the 14th, but he overbooked us to go camping. I'm not going the whole time that they do. Just overnight for 1 night. I plan on doing some scrapbooking while they are away.

July was lots of birthdays & cake & food. I'm hoping things will slow down now with the parties & stuff, so I can avoid eating so bad. I  need to get healthy. I will be meeting my new primary care doctor in September for my yearly check up & want to lose a bit of weight before then & make sure my cholesterol isn't high.

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