Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stuff & Things

--Lately- I've been feeling a little weird going into stores like Forever 21. So I run in real quick & look around & then leave. Maybe I should start shopping online?
--Winter Blues-I've had the Winter blues the past week or 2. It's been in the 20's the past few days. We are so close to Spring, but yet so far. We might get another storm this weekend. Tara & Anthony have their Daddy/Daughter dance on Sunday & it's only going to be 38 degrees out.
--Losing it-I'm always losing things. I lost my postage stamps. I've been looking all over for them. I might need to go buy some new 1s.


Toni said...

It's so strange how we (humans) get in March. Every year I begin to feel that if I don't get some sunshine soon, someone is going to get hurt! Tailgater, cashier, people blocking the aisle while they chit chat at the store.

Thank goodness the sun has come to the rescue here today!

Thanks for visiting my pages.

Kristy O said...

I always feel so old in those stores so I avoid them as well lol

Laura Darling said...

I'm feeling the winter blues too! Come on spring!

sprinkles said...

I seem to be losing stuff lately too. The most recent thing I've lost is my credit card. I really need to look for it and cancel it if I can't find it. Thankfully no one has used it since I've noticed it's gone.