Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hey, It's Okay.

-That I'm okay hybernating in the house on cold stormy days. We've had a lot of raw weather with rain lately. It's been kind of depressing. More to come for Friday & Saturday.

-That I'm watching the Fergie twins on Freeform. They are dumb, but funny or pretending to be dumb. I think they are entertaining.

-That I've been staying up late to get things done. I've been up until after 11:00 the past few nights, but I am heading to bed & hoping to read a few pages of my book that I'm hoping to finish by April 1.

-That I haven't had my hair trimmed in 6 months & it hasn't even grown. I'm hoping to go this Saturday or next to have it trimmed. Hubs is having his trimmed too. It's a family event.

-That I have so many scratches from our new cat. I'm putting medicine on them & I hope they heal quickly. They are hurting now as I'm typing because they are on my fingers & hands. She's cute, so she can get away with that.

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