Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stuff & Things

*We had 2 snow days this week. Tara is home today & really bored. Our new tv in the living room isn't working. We were lucky & were getting snow once a week, so it would melt. But this week it seems like we are getting snow every other day. We're suppose to have snow Saturday, Sunday & Monday morning. I'm not a fan of Winter & I don't like snow. I don't ski or snowboard or any of that. There is a 2 hour delay for school tomorrow. We're suppose to get about 12 inches.
*Face time is driving me crazy. My daughter set up her face time to talk to her friend, so everytime I turn around she is in the room with us. lol. I think all she hears is me nagging in the background.
*I haven't been shopping in a while. I really miss it. The snow makes us have to be stuck in the house. I might try to make it to the mall tomorrow. I need some new moisturizer.

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Kristin said...

Oh being snowed in...I've spent my entire life in northern climates so I know the feeling...hopefully spring comes around soon!

Thanks for linking up!
Kristin :)