Sunday, February 12, 2017

Snow Storm

So it's Sunday night & we are in the middle of another snow storm. They already canceled school for tomorrow. We are suppose to get 12-18 inches. I'm not a fan of the snow or cold weather & I have S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). I've posted about it before. Pretty much I get depressed in the winter & when it's gloomy. So I'm ready for Spring & sunshine. I've been lighting my salt lamps & candles. I love having lots of lights on. I have some twinkle lights & want to get some more & put them in jars or wine bottles. I know you can buy them like that. I've been writing letters like crazy being stuck in the house. Doing some swaps with people, so waiting for more mail. I don't think we will be getting mail tomorrow. It's sad when I don't get mail because I love doing happy mail & I get fun things other than just bills. It looks like after Thursday it will at least be around 40 degrees out, so that's much better. I can get out & do things. This Winter wasn't bad until this past week, snow storm after snow storm. I guess that is February for you.

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