Sunday, November 20, 2016

If you had a Million Dollars to donate to a Organization, What would it be?

Animals: I really love animals, so I would most likely donate to the local animal shelter. I volunteered there for a year with the dogs & cats. They're all so sweet & special. They all have their unique stories, a lot very sad.

Fibromyalgia/Chronic pain/fatigue: Having a chronic illness is really horrible. The doctors suggest things for you to try to help your pain. Heat packs/ice packs. magnesium, doing a cleanse, medications, yoga, meditation etc... None really help that much so you keep trying something else. People around you don't understand & you try your best to function as a normal healthy person, but some days you just can't. You push yourself & sometimes feel worse after. So If I could donate $ & it would really help them find something that works for people that would be so awesome.

Cancer: I don't really think I need to explain this. It is a horrible disease & so scary. My Dad had colon cancer in 1998 & survived. He is 79 now. My friend Marion just won her battle with colon cancer a few months ago. She is cancer free now & back to work & enjoying life again. Then we know there are people who get cancer & don't survive. Always get your annual exams & if things don't seem right go get checked, bumps or moles or pains in your stomach. I'm due for my colonoscopy. This will be my 3rd 1. Yes, I have kind of been putting it off, but I am going to call & hopefully have it done before Christmas or just after. Just need to find a good time to have it done. When someone can drive me to have it done.

So what would be your charity or organization that means the most to you & you would donate $ to?

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