Saturday, July 2, 2016

How do you stay in touch with long distance friends & family?

*I keep in touch with friends & family that don't live nearby through e mail.
*I text a few of them, but I have an old fashioned flip phone, so I don't use that, I can text from my  ipod touch if I'm near wi-fi & they have an iphone.
*Letters & note cards. I love to write & get Happy mail.
*Definitely not by phone. haha. I haven't been a phone person since I was like 15. I cringe when the phone rings.
*Facetime too. It was nice when Anthony was away to be able to see him, all the way in Malaysia. I hate being on video, so I'm trying to get use to being on video. I've been trying to do little videos on Snapchat.

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