Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fibro update

So things have been so/so. School vacation & kids being home bothering Moms with fibro, who only want to rest or get done the things on their to-do list, but they never all seem to get done. My feet hurt so bad. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to stand, walk & drive. I am going to my physical therapist next Friday. Hopefully she can do something that will help my ankles or show me something to do to make it better.I do yoga stretches throughout the day. I do circles with my ankles & use a tennis ball for the planter fasciitis. I got a new tumeric cream from a girl I know. It seems okay. Lots going on getting ready for Tara's birthday party, she has 2 parties coming up, some Summer camps & dance camp. Keeping us busy. Just need to fit some rest & naps in.


Amanda Farmer said...

Summer seams to be pretty draining on my too. It's hard to keep the fatigue at bay.

Not sure if we're having the same issues but thought I would share some things I do.

1. Pain and restless legs. I absolutely love May Kay Cosmetics Leg Cream. Helps me immensely.
2. Needle like pain on the bottom of my feet indicates for me that I have been taking in too much sugar. The only thing that helps is to cut out sugar AND substitutes completely. I did find some diabetic socks at Walmart. They are soft and thick on the bottoms which make my steps more comfortable.

Brandi Clevinger said...

I feel your pain. I've been more busy this summer than the entire school year last year! The pain in my feet are at times unbearable as well. I keep a massage ball under my desk in order to roll my feet on it. And I wear tennis shoes at all times when leaving the house. It helps, but the pain is still so bad at times.

I hope you get some relief with all that running around you're going to be doing.