Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Messy House No More

Lately I've been feeling totally overwelmed. Since I have fibromyalgia & Chronic fatigue, it's so hard for me to do anything. Our house is so cluttered that it's really depressing. I really want to start doing a to-do list for each day & start getting rid of stuff. Stacks of papers & magazines, messy drawers, letters, photos etc... The Drama Queen is a hoarder & you can barely walk around in her room. I can't keep my stuff organized & in order, so it's hard having to keep up with her stuff too. I know it can be done, it just might take a while. Hoping to find the energy to get the house in order.


sprinkles said...

I've been trying to get the house straightened out a bit too. I've been doing a little bit at a time here and there. I need to just take a day and do it all.

Emily Cullen, http://www.mamasick.com said...

I suffer from chronic illnesses too and my house is a wreck! Good luck on tidying up yours! Stopping by from the Sharefest!