Saturday, November 15, 2014


7 years old is a crazy age. Tara is 7 now & she is like a mini-teenager. She's gotten so fresh & disrespectful. I'm not sure how to deal with this. She has been disrespectful for the past 4 years. So we really need to change things fast. I want to stop it before things get too bad & she is older. Any advice? If you have a girl around this age is she like that?

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Amy xx said...

We have three girls between us, the youngest is 7, the oldest is 12. We are definitely going through the same phase, to be honest with all of them. We try to be consistent and make it clear that it is not acceptable behaviour but are kind of at a loss right now. I mean, I know kids tedt boundaries but we weren't brought up to be disrespectful and neither have our children. It's hard going isn't it? Hang in there, I keep telling myself it won't last long! x