Sunday, November 9, 2014

Christmas wishlist

So we are cutting down a bit on buying presents this year. Anthony & I both need dental work & we are going to run out of insurance & have to use our own $. I'm thinking of baking & making some gifts. I came up with a wishlist for myself, but it seems like it might only be a fantasy wish list, but that's okay. It's fun making a list anyway.

This is a boho bracelet that I saw on Etsy.

I actually just ordered this vest from Aerospatale. They didn't have large in the store, so I ordered it.

This palette is from Clinique. I love browns, coppers, golds & purples. I have a thing for eye shadow (nail polish & lipstick too).

 I love this Lorac Mega pro palette, but it keeps selling out on Amazon.

I just saw this cute sweater today from American Eagle.


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sprinkles said...

I haven't even thought about Christmas yet! I really need to figure out how to buy presents this year. Maybe I'll make a few things too.