Saturday, October 11, 2014

Not the day we had planned

So today didn't really go the way we had planned. T was going to sleep over my parent's house tonight & we were going to clean & organize her room & go out for a drink. My Dad came up & we went to a craft fair, but she ended up with her stomach bothering her & in the bathroom throwing up & in the car on the way home (I got a plastic bag before we left the craft fair) & then for the next 2 hrs. She was laying on the bathroom floor. I felt so bad for her. But she perked up & started babbling, back to normal. So she felt better & moved to the couch. I'm glad that she recovered so fast. I wasn't sure if she would be feeling horrible all day/night. I did call the doctor's office & they said to give her ice chips & maybe bring her to emergency care if she didn't feel better. I've also had a sinus headache for the past few days. The pressure is so bad. I'm hoping it's gone tomorrow. I was taking some selfies tonight because I straightened my hair & she photo bombed me, so you can see that she felt better.


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