Sunday, June 30, 2013

New England Minute~Maine

My computer has been acting crazy. We got home yesterday, but I couldn't get on the computer, so no post yesterday. I hate missing a day. Anyway, we went away for my birthday on Friday to Ogunquit, Maine. We went 2 years ago. So much fun, but the weather was horrible. It was gloomy & would be 64 & cool & rainy & then the sun would come out for a while & it would be 79. So we'd have on jeans & then change to shorts & have on our sweatshirts or raincoats & then take them off.

The night of my b-day we went to a place called Beachfire. They have a cool firepit outside. We went there 2 years ago, but it was so hot out that we sat inside. This time we got to sit by the fire. You can see that our faces look like they are melting. The fire is next to us.

Saturday we went to York beach, Maine. I've always loved it there.

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