Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ipod touch

I got an ipod touch a few weeks ago. Anthony finally got a chance to set it up. So I'm trying to figure it out & add some things to it. I love it so far. I want to add some music to it, so I can start walking & listen to music. If anyone knows of some good apps let me know. Also how do you sign up for Instagram?


Candace said...

You are going to love your Ipod touch. If you have an icon called App Store, you can go there and do a search for Instagram and download it. I have that icon on my Iphone. If you don't have that, you should be able to get it through Itunes. I can't remember if I paid for it or not; but I believe that it's free. If you get that one, you should look for Phonto, as well. I believe that one is free, as well. It allows you to do some editing and to also add text to your photos. You can upload your photos to Instagram from that program. It's pretty cool. Enjoy!

sprinkles said...

I want one of these! Once I get my financial aid, I think I'm gonna look around for a decently priced one.