Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane check list

Photo via Pinterest

We are suppose to be getting Hurricane Irene tomorrow. Hubs took in all of the flowers & the lawn furniture (most of it) & put it in the garage. He got stung on the cheek by a hornet today, when he was moving the windchimes (there was 1 living in there. We knew that). This is my hurricane check list.

* Magazines & store flyers (for when I can get out & shop)

* Nailpolish (If I get bored)

* Charged netbook

* portable dvd player (I think maybe we'll watch Shinedown's concert dvd that I got like 3 months ago & haven't watched yet)

* White zyn
* Camera

*Water & all the normal things that you need in a hurricane too.


Rosie said...

We are fully prepared too! Got 9 gallons of distilled water for Lillie's formula. That's important because she's only 8 days old and we have well water. We have food, drinking water, soda, board games, coloring supplies, wood for the grill and a pool and tub full of water for flushing toilets should we lose power because the well pump wont work! I'm ready for the storm with the 4 kids and baby! Good luck!!

Tonya said...

Love this list ....sounds like the perfect way to wait out the storm. Stay safe.

Candace said...

It sounds like you are all set! Hopefully it will be a nonevent and we can keep our electricity and if not, stay safe! Love the photo, btw! Pinterest is awesome!

deb famularo said...

Hope you guys are okay out there. Thanks for your last comment btw....NO, I didn't know Kat von D was Armenian!! I knew I liked her, lol!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox