Saturday, February 26, 2011

Making Lemonade's Spring Clean Sweep

I'm participating in the Spring clean sweep over @

It starts on Monday, February 28th. This is the info from her site.

Making Lemonade's
Spring Clean Sweep
* ideas and advice * weekly challenges * weekly giveaways *guest bloggers * clean{er} homes

We're striving for participation, not perfection!

Here's how it works, if you choose to participate: I'll post a cleaning task with tips on Monday. You have all week to work on it, and then on Friday I'll post my progress and ask for yours! That way, if you didn't get it done by Friday you'll have all weekend to work on it, post it on your own blog, and link up to mine. I'll highlight a few homes on Monday and randomly pull a winner for that week's giveaway before posting the next task. As always, you don't need a blog to play along. Comments will count as entries as well.

By the end of March our homes will be sparkling clean, organized, and ready for spring! Or at least a little cleaner, a little more organized, and certainly we'll still all be ready for spring.

The Schedule
Week One (Feb. 28): Closets
Week Two (March 7): Cabinets and Drawers
Week Three (March 15): Deep Cleaning
Week Four (March 21): Freshen up!

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Carrie said...

You are the best! Thanks for posting this info... can't wait to see your spring cleaning progress!