Saturday, February 20, 2010

Station nightclub fire anniversary

Today is the 7 year anniversary of the Station nightclub fire. Hard to believe that it's been that long. I had been to that club 3x. It was 1 of my faves. My ex-roomie & I went there together. She moved away the Summer of 2002 (back home to MI). Her b-day is today & if she still lived here we might have been there that night. I don't think you can understand unless you had been to that club (even worse if you were there that night & survived). I can picture what it looked like inside. When I see footage of that night I still feel sick to my stomache. I'm hoping to someday go to the spot where the club use to stand & were they have a memorial. I don't think I'm ready for that just yet.


Mass Hole Mommy said...

I can't believe it's been that long. I think it's definitely more "real" if you had been there before. I was there twice with my ex to see 80's bands. One of them was Warrant and I forget who the other one was, but it was right up the street from where he used to live. It was such a senseless tragedy.

sprinkles said...

Is this the nightclub where Great White played and the fire started? Hard to believe it's been 7 years! Halfway seems like it was just yesterday and halfway seems like it was forever ago.