Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funny things people say

My hubby says Upside right as the opposite of Upside down
IHOPS instead of IHOP. (It drives me crazy)
Toasted cheese instead of grilled cheese
Chick-cago instead of Chicago
My Mom says Cheeri-oats instead of cheerios

I also hate it when people say uge instead of huge.


Anonymous said...

Its so called a Grilled Cheese!!

Old people say uge alot

sprinkles said...

My friend, when she introduces me to someone new, always tells them that we worked together at KMark. Actually we worked at Kmart. I asked her why says KMark and she says it's just easier. Um, yeah...whatever!

This same friend just moved recently so when she tells people where she lives, she says, "Turn right by the libary." So far I haven't heard anyone correct her and tell her to say "library".

Oh, and she always says Valentimes. These three things really annoy me.

I had a boyfriend once who used to say something was a mute point instead of moot point.

MoonNStarMommy said...

Mine is BAG-el instead of BAY-gal

or KA-ROW-KEY .. instead of KARE-E-O-Key ...

Yeah it's annoying! I hear ya!

You have been given a reward which can be found on my blog. Doesn't matter if you post the awards, give them back out, or not... at least you know you were thought of and appreciated today :)

A New Mom said...

Ugh...I hate it when my momadds an "S" to stores. Targets, Wallys, giants(its called Giant Mom!). LOL...I wanna say how weird she is - but I'm turning out just like her

Tree said...

LOL It bugs me when someone says "uge" too. My daughter-in-law turns things around too like your hubby....she says paper-toilet for toilet paper and napkin paper. :)