Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts

I found this Meme on http://www.theunmom.com/.
A few random thoughts for today.
*I hate days when we don't get any mail. Tomorrow is a holiday. Uhoh.
*My daughter is a mini rock chic. She loves to headbang.
*We're having Thanksgiving @ our house this year. I'm making baked ziti. I'm not a turkey & fixings kind of girl.
*I haven't eaten red meat since 1984. No, I don't miss it.
*Please don't call me Kim. Thanks.


Joqui Housley said...

hahaha these are great.. and okie dokie won't ever call ya kim ;-)

Bonnie said...

I haven't eaten red meat or pork since 1994 and I don't miss it either. I couldn't even imagine eating it....yuck!
Enjoyed reading your list.