Monday, July 17, 2017

Things & Stuff & Fibro

*Things have been really busy around here the past week. This week will be crazy because we are getting ready for Tara's birthday party on Friday. We need to clean the house really good. The kids are sleeping over & we have to move furniture around.
*Next week T has an art camp 4 days, but only 3 hours a day.
*I'm still behind in letters, but hoping to get a lot done this week. I want to clean out my closet this week & get a bag of clothes together to get rid of.
 *We went to see my parents yesterday because my Mom's birthday was today.
*I've been in a lot of pain lately. My knees, shoulder & neck, my legs get tight & stiff. my ribs feel like they are being squeezed really tight & my whole body feels stiff. I've been moving around slowly, it's the only way. I might try Reiki soon & see if my physical therapist can come up with some stretches for me to do.

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